9 April 2011

It's a handful day coz Grandpa still misses the ex-helper and gives it out on new helper. It'll take him a while to get used to the situation. But, I think this new helper is good coz she knows how to take care elder and save her energy and not to hurt herself. She might gets training before comes here. Anyway, as soon as Grandpa can get used to this, we can be out of hook soon. I can't see him crying and can't tell why. Joan takes out those albums with Daniel and Duncan's, OMG, time flies. Daniel is 7 and it seem like he was born yesterday, we just moved down to KHH... if I can do the same album for 99... wondering... She sleeps so much and hard to take a shoot with her head stays still...
Cousin visites us this afternoon, before they go to visit Uncle in hospital. Family issue is going to pop out, we just wait and see. Grandma is driving everyone in the edge and who is the next? I can smell the family meeting coming up.

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