20 December 2010

It's my 36-week clinic check and 99 is 3560 g (the average of 41-week baby weight). Dr. Wu was nagging me for a while when he saw my weight increased 2 kg in 2 weeks; but during ultrasounds, he says I am lucky coz the weight I put on is most on 99 (1 kg) and fluid. Dr. Wu has scheduled the surgery on 6th Jan, he is afraid my womb won't be able to hold 99 any longer, not until 16th for sure. Can you image how big 99 will be in 4 weeks, in such growing rate like 2 kg in 2 weeks? I know the ultrasounds is +/-300g, so 99 is around 3200~3800g. Well, if Dr. Wu says it's time, I guess it's time then. I think it's in a good way too. So, I can be released earlier, really don't like the sleepless nights and running between my bed and toilet. And also, we can be able to make it home (KHH) for Chinese New Year, to introduce 99 to Lin's family. Wow, 99'll have so many red envelopes coming.
Alright, 99's big enough, so I slow down my meals and be more careful what I eat. Today will be my last time to go so far, I think. Dr. Wu warms me not to go too far (30 mins away from hospital). I take my mom back to Chris & Mia's place and we do some last min shopping, like the heater for 99 and a hat for me during lay-in period (30-day not to wash my hair). OMG, can't believe it's going to happen so soon. Seems I am going to be at home all the time, I take my chance to visit Shihlin night market and take some snacks (oyster omelet / sausage / fresh tomato cut served with ginger and plum powder). And then I am home for DC's lovely dinner - Shapers' pie. More beef, that's what we need~ Today is a good day!

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