29 November 2010

It's been a while to be home. The main reason is to vote, another reason is 99's stroller, and one more reason is for my tommy. I miss KHH's food. The breakfast (sweet potato congee and Yian-Hsiu noodle with some side dishes: steamed eggplant, stewed meat balls, stir fried beans, stir-fried fish filet, fried egg), the snack (sweet potato) and others, I can't have those kind of food in TPE, well, it won't be the taste I am looking for. Oh, I miss this kind of life style. It's a good experience to visit local market in the early morning and enjoy breakfast there.
My swelling ankles and fingers start early day by day. As you can see on photo, my bump is getting bigger and I am still lucky being able to see my feet, but touch them will be different story. It's been a while, I am in trouble to put on my shoes, even put on my jeans. As you can see my feet swelling big time and this is just after massage by Daniel. I need to keep them up for a while, otherwise, they could be twice big. The swelling feeling is not good, but there is only 40+ days left, let's hope it'll get better soon. Fingers cross!
These days, Daniel and Duncan are very interested on 99. They keep asking about 99, how she starts with, what she is doing and they like to talk to her. 99 does react to their voice or kick back when they put their hands on my bump. It's funny to see Daniel's greeting to 99 everyday, so sweet. Also Daniel behaves like a big brother now, he will warm Duncan if Duncan is too excited around me. Dave, don't worry, Daniel takes care us, we are in good hand.

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