27 November 2010

I come home for voting the KHH mayor. It'll be a long day, since what happened last nite in Chung Ho. Well, hope the best one win then. Daniel can't wait to show me his next certificate come from. And I promise I will let him teach me after 99 is born.
It's a busy morning, after the vote, my mom and I go to the clothes shop to customize 99's bed sheet and blanket. And it's so cheap with those clothes selection, so I can't help to order 2 bed sheet for ourselves. They will be ready in Tuesday, before we head back to TPE. After this, we head to this shopping mall in the back of KHH house, where I found the last stroller. We get this green stroller with red baby seat for 99. She'll be carried home with this baby seat. It will be delivered on Thursday in TPE, so I don't need to pay extra which is excellent.
This afternoon, we attend a mother-to-be class and those are the present from attending this class. The class in the South is different than in the North. There are more attending in the South, but they use classroom sitting, so unlike in TPE, they use more like conference sitting. The class is organized by 3 companies, each class is around 30~45 mins with their own product (formula milk / cord blood bank / Obgyn clinic). After the class, that's all the present I get. Isn't it great? The only problem to me is they don't give me a break between classes. 3 classes together really make us sleepy and tired. In TPE, they will have break in between and meanwhile, they offer tea or coffee with small snacks. Mom falls in love with this kind of mother-to-be class. She wants to go for more. So, I can start to look for the class now.
Finally the election is over and the celebration will be on for couple hours only, I hope. We are back on track. We'll have lawmaker election next year, well, a year to go. At least, we will have 11 months peace. Enjoy it!!!

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