18 October 2010

The Telly really died on us, it won't switch on at all now. I give up and call landlady for replacement. Well, she just come back to TW, so we gonna wait for her daughter to pick up the telly which will be on Wednesday. 3 days without telly, that's new experience for us.
Michael is off today, so I meet him for lunch and get some update gossips. He takes me to this famous gourmet area - Yung-Kan street. It takes us a while to decide what for lunch. The weather is affected by the typhoon, it is shower mixed with sunshine sometimes. I don't even bother to take umbrella. But it's kind of relax to walk on the street while shower is on, kind of back to Paris, looking for bistro in the corner. 金雞園 is a local Chinese cuisine and you can see the chef making noodle on the ground floor, open kitchen. I am in the mood for the steaming dumpling and beef noodle. It turns out the noodle is kind of plain, nothing special, but it sucks up with beef stock which is kind of credit to it. The beef soup is brilliant, the meat melts in your mouth and the price is not expensive (90 NTD/2 Euro). The steamed dumpling is kind of out of my expectation, it comes 16 dumpling and it's 160 NTD/3.8 Euro. The dumpling is tiny little bite each, but very tasty. Dip into the sauce with julienned ginger, vinegar and light soy sauce, bring out the freshness of pork and veggie mixed taste. You can't feel the skin coz it's so thin. During this pregnancy, I love dumpling more, steamed, boiled, fried; I love them all. And there is another good thing about Chinese restaurant, the menu selection is various for meat lover (like me) and vegetarian (like Michael, he is one of them now, I still try to talk him out of it).
After the heavy meal, I need to find the balance, but I leave the famous 冰館Ice Monster to Dave (he promises me a plate of Mango shaped ice, until now, he hasn't buy me one yet). I find this new Smoothie shop, clean and simple, give it a try. It just opens few weeks ago, so I get the discount with my berry smoothie. It's fresh and you can taste the berry, nice. But can't drink it too fast, or you get brian storm. I like its seat facing out and look at ppl walking by. Yung-Kan Street is a famous tourist area for gourmet. A lot of FIT will come here by books and there are many shops selling different staff too. Walk on the street, you don't hear Mandarin often, instead of Cantonese, Japanese or Korean or English.
90 days to go! Today, I buy the very first top for 99, with a hat. I can't stop imaging how she look like in it. The hat reminds me the little girl I saw in England, but they don't have it in white, so I get green instead. I hope 99 can put on this pinky top as her first clothes from us. It's so tiny little one. I bought the same pinky one for Christ's daughter in Jan and I didn't expect I'll come back again for 99. 99 has changed her way to say hi, she starts to wave, instead of poking. Sometimes I catch her movement on my bump, but it was too short, I can't get it on video yet. I'll try to catch it next time. But she does high five to Dave pretty often now.

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