17 October 2010

After a night out drinking, what can be the perfect meal to next day? Of course, BBQ!!! We come to this JP “Kanpai" BBQ restaurant in Danshui. It's a cozy restaurant, 7 tables per floor, we get lucky, only need to claim to 2nd floor (can't do more). They limit 90-min per table, à la carte menu, service is brilliant (after you pick up the menu, the waiter will be with you in a min and also can recommend some dishes to make it efficient for table turn over). We share the table with these university students, they have seen 4 groups customers on each side table, that's how fast it goes. It's different than the restaurant we went to before, it's noise coz ppl talking and service team shouting thru the pipe for order (preparation is on the ground floor). The stove is special designed, so our clothes won't be smelly, better than I expected. Coz it's à la carte, so, we only go for 5 plates of beef and it turns out great. The beef quality is out of standard, I love that beef tongue with green onion, but it takes skill, the waiter did it perfectly and I can't. Dip in lemon juice, just bring out the freshness and the green onion balances the taste. JP BBQ points out the quality of meat, so, the dressing is very simple, lemon juice / soy sauce. Unlike TW BBQ or others, the meat will be marinated with strong seasoning and for hours. This one, is different, it's fresh, so fresh... After the dinner, we take a walk and explore the area, nothing much. So, we get some Mr. Donut and head back to our sweet home. 99 was doing happy dance after the happy meal. Her movement is getting bigger now, sometimes, it might hurt a bit coz she was too low. The swelling is not too bad, I feel numb sometimes, but can't see I am swelling. That's good, right? The only thing makes me worry is my weight now, it's been 3 weeks and I have put on 3 kg, I just notice this morning. Well, those 3 kg is not for sure yet, but I gonna make it slow down. Perhaps more time in gym will help. There is a super typhoon heading to Philippine and it'll affect TW, so it might rain for whole week.

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