24 October 2010

I attend a mother-to-be class on Sunday afternoon. Dave stays at home and makes me a big dinner coz I will have the blood sugar test tomorrow. It's a cloudy day, the typhoon passed by, but doesn't bring too much rain here, but strong wind. The rain is on the East side, hope everybody will be alright. 5th uncle came home on Thursday night and it was flooding already.
This class is hold by 紫金堂, I am supposed to meet Dr. Hsu (my Chinese Doctor), but she is still in China. So, I meet Dr. Dong. She diagnosis from my pulse, my look and tongue; she gives me some advice to keep an eye on. Also, she gives me the food list (to eat and not to eat). I'll go for Dr. Hsu's clinic before labour, so the meal will be ready for me after the labour, final tune recording my body condition. Surprise, I see 2 X-pack in class with their wives. I don't know if they agree with 坐月子 (30-day lay-in), but I am touched to see them attend the class with their wives.
I meet this mother-to-be who sit next to me. We are the only 2 comes alone. Well, her husband is in military, so she is kind of live alone. 8-month pregnant with Gestational Diabetes. I feel sorry to her, she is on her first pregnancy and with so many troubles, but she has to face it alone. Her baby boy is smaller than 99, although he's a month older than 99. She is working still, but worry to loose her job. The work pressure plus diabetes, make her tired all the time and she is under very strictly diet. She only puts on 6 kg so far, but last month she was 10 kg. She managed to lost 4 kg after she found out she got gestational diabetes. Fingers cross and wish her all the best. After talk to her, I thank God for giving me 99 and I am so lucky so far. God bless, we will be all alright.

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