28 October 2010

Alright, since typhoon passed by last weekend, our internet speed got affected. Uploading took ages and still couldn't post photo on, but facebook can upload today, so I only put food photo on it, as you know why. I'll post Monday's photo as soon as the speed is back.

Monday is my 7-month clinic visit. The good news is 99 is 1350g now and she is pretty active, keep moving during ultrasound. The bad news is my fluid is running low again, so I have to work extra harder on making more fluid. Due to blood sugar test, I haven't eat since midnight, only water. Dave tried to feed me a big dinner on Sunday night, but we are so hungry when we wake up. I can feel 99 is swimming and my tommy is making noise. On the way to hospital, we pass by so many breakfast shops, the smell really kill me big time. After the ultrasound, 99 is good and we pick up the glucose and start the test. 50 g glucose with 300 cc water, bottom up in 15 min, blood test in 1 hour, I am so hungry, but not that hungry after the glucose drink. Dave thinks it's ok, but I think it is not that nice, after all, I don't take that sweet drink. I read some mother-to-be's blogs and they took 100g, OMG, can't image how they bottom up with those. Lucky me, the nurse takes my blood very fast and painless, although I have tear in my eyes. To make up this morning what I have been thru, Dave buys me a nice JP lunch. The cold front arrives, so we have a Salmon miso pot, very fatty and yummy. It will make up the blood I lost and 99 really likes Salmon. She keeps moving while we are on the way home. From now on, we will visit Dr. Wu every 2 weeks coz I am on the 3rd trimester. It's good coz we can see 99 every 2 weeks. But, that also means I have to keep an eye on my weight. Dr. Wu nags me about my weight this time coz I put on 2 kg in a month (my 2nd warning). He is worry about my blood sugar and blood pressure. Actually, my blood pressure is alright, but I do feel numb on fingers and legs from time to time.
It's a good day, coz my mom is coming up to TPE. Well, not for us this time, Mia has full time job now, so my mom comes to help out for 3 weeks. Mom will baby sitting Joshua and I am the part timer. My mom brings some goody for 99 and me. She found some of my baby clothes in storeroom, even the dress I wear on my first-month celebration. Also she found the clothes Grandma Chen made for me, after 30+ years, they are still here, I wish Grandma Chen could see 99 put them on. I gonna dip out my first-month celebration photo, and then put 99 in that dress and post in the same post, make the same photo..... That's privilege of being a mom.
80 days to go!!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a wonderful tradition to have??? Can't wait to see the photo - don't want to nag like Dr.Wu but PLEASE take care

love you lots

Da & Mags

VL said...

I will love to put those photo on when 99 is 1-month old. I'll keep an eye on myself, I get Dave to look after me. We'll be fine.
I though Da is back to DUB, he is down to Fether again?

Anonymous said...

We went back to Fethard for the weekend but we are back in Dublin for the Winter now - Dave got lost on the way to the Clock - Forgot where it was (ha!ha!)

VL said...

no way, Da got lost on the way to Clocktower? wow, how did he do it? He follows the Guinness smell?