3 April 2009

Yes, we did it. We moved from KHH to TPE before April. For a long long time, thru many thoughts, finally, we did it. We get our own place in downtown TPE. Believe it or not, visitors keep coming. Of course, my Mom was the first visitor. And then, Rimmer was here for Carnegies night. Sorry, Rimmer, we didn't set up the alarm, so you missed your flight. We still work on the apartment and hopefully, the house warming party can be on schedule. Mark is coming up to join us.
Da and Mags, thank you so much for the e-card and sorry to reply so late. The apartment is big enough to keep me busy. DC only needs to figure out his office and I have to do the rest on my own. Lucky me to have my Mom on the first 3 days, she clean up the kitchen on her own on the first day. She cooked the first meal (dinner) on the first day. The main idea to take her up to TPE was away from housework and my Grandparents. But, we didn't make her work much, she managed to meet her friends and had a great day before she head back to KHH.
I was sad to leave KHH and Daniel won't say good-bye or give a hug. But 3 days later, Daniel phoned us and wanted to stay with us. There is a playground in the back of our building and few parks in walking distance. DC's bookstores also are on walking distance. The Kuang-Hwa market is 7 MRT stops away. (Did DC mention he found a store in the market which sells many tiny pieces of DVD driver?) My Mom loves this location and I guess Ian will like it too. Coz a lot of food stands like stinky Tofu in the nightmarket.
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