18 April 2009

It was raining and cold last night when we went to bed; and Dancing Queen was in Carnegies until 3:30 AM which she never stay so late with us there...ever... While she was partying, DC was dying my hair, his first time. I am really looking forward to this morning coz Mark & Joan visit us for weekend. It's been 3 weeks and Duncan believes we are just on the trip and will be home soon. Of course, they are excited to have their own room in this tiny TPE flat. Oh, yes, they hold it for 5 minutes and then start to ask for iPod. Oh, I miss them so much. We take boys to get familier to this neighbourhood and more slides. We can see Daniel's white paints have two small black spots in the back. Daniel and Duncan can do slide for 3 hours, no problem. Chris and Mia also take Joshua over for lunch. It's been a long time for three of us having a meal together. Joshua is interested to see his cousins and Daniel can't stop pinching him. At least, Daniel is trying to be the big brother, he's so cute.
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