8 February 2009

We discoveried there was an indoor game projecting on the floor. Kids love it so much. It's kind of football game and it sences kids' movement. I guess it's better than Wii coz you can fit 10 kids in the playground, no problem. Just need to make sure kids won't kick on each other. The only problem is they don't know football rule, so they keep scored on one side; as you seen, the goal keeper doesn't move much. It's Sunday, restaurant has a long queue and we have this football keeping kids busy. Until our turn, everybody enjoy their own food and we get an hour peace. No more running around or keep an eye on kids. Even Grandpa wants to pick up food on his own. DC gets ice cream for kids as reward finished meal on their own, but Daniel is still sick, only the biscue for him.
Ian, this Hello Kitty will be your gift if you come over. Hahaha!
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