8 February 2009

It's been a week that we send A-An home coz of her behaviour. We really learn a lesson, I don't know it's good or not. We trust her, until I step on Daniel's book under Grandpa's bed where she hided it. After a long talk with A-An, bigger surprise, she is not married, has no kid and she wants to married to that TW boyfriend who didn't even dare to speak out or stand forward for her. Coz she hided a pair of house keys, I couldn't sleep at night, afraid the boyfriend might have a copy pair. It's getting too much, as soon as the government is back at work, we send her home, better for both side. I can't believe A-An didn't feel shame of her behaviour. She really thinks she return the money, clothes, make-up and book will make everything back to where we start a year ago. However, she is in the history and Grandpa can't remember her exist which is good for us.
We have tried to take kids over this new department store but it's been rain the past couple times. At least, this time, only cloudy. Well, we have few hours sunshine and Grandpa likes the warm bleeze. Kids enjoy the playground, running with fresh air will do them some good. We just need to get out the house for a while. And we still haven't get coffee...... Oh, new discovery - even the rule about smoking, is not that bad as I thought. Still quite many place can smoke, as long as staying outdoor, like in Europe. But without ashtray, I wonder the government is ready to pay more on clear up the streets? After they charge extra on tabacco and more fine on through whatever on the street...
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