26 January 2009

Happy New Year! It's the first day of New Year, we come to Cousin's house for celebration. Cousin-in-law has ordered quite a lot of food before New Year. Hot pot is a good start to warm up our body. The Japanese room is on the side, so kids can stay there while we enjoy the meal. Afterward, kids play firework in the garden. That's what we can't do in city. But, in the other hand, country side might not a good idea too, coz of farms surounding. Half of our family catch cold before New Year and Joshua becomes part of family, he gets running nose this morning. Joshua gets sick for the very 1st time. When women are busy to make dumpling, I am holding Joshua. He fails asleep in my arms, I think he likes me. After I take the 3rd photo outside the house, we walk back to the house and Joshua is nearly closing his eyes. I am so good!
Grandma is still mad of my parents, so she doesn't come. My parents are not happy to see this happen, but it's very hard to make my Dad come today. We have to put Joshua to attract him. Like the father, like the son. It applies on my Grandma and my Dad too. Sometimes, I do want to hug my Dad, but his look scares me away. But I do know what'll happen if I hug him. He runs away. I know, because I do hug him from time to time. Ha, I'll do it again!
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