25 January 2009

Chris and Mia skip the traffic jam, but they are tired coz Joshua keeps them busy. You can't be well prepared with 1-yr-old in car. However, we are at home and enjoy the time with whole family, with 4 generations. Happy New Year, the year of Ox!
It's getting difficult to have whole family sitting down and enjoy the meal. Somehow, we manage to have a good time. After dinner, Daniel performs "Sing & Dance", with Duncan on the side. These days, Duncan really enjoy Daniel's company; Daniel has finished the 1st semester, 8AM~4:30PM Mon~Fri. Lucky us, Daniel and Duncan really like Joshua, big time, we don't know why. But Duncan suprises us, he really takes care of Joshua. Baby talk and sit beside all the time, Duncan really helps us a lot here.
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