11 September 2008

This is Puerta Marina where we are based. Isn't it a beautiful place to stay? I thought the room would be tiny, but it's a good size with double beds. We take 2-bedroom suite, so on the wing. But the sound-proofing is really good, I can't hear any sounds outside. We like to go to the French cafe - Indalo, for coffee in the day time and for a pint at night.
The first night we arrived at the airport, Ian and I were looking for signal or wi-fi. The airport reminds me of Cyprus, the way they run the airport brings back memories. But I keep forgetting with the kind of feeling, that's meant "No internet or wi-fi, totally." We are here to enjoy the sun, sand and beach. No wi-fi, no internet, no e-mail and no plug. Well, the hotel does supply internet and charge (no idea how much, but it does take time to receive an e-mail)... At least, I still be able to take pic with camera. I have prepared 2 memory card of 1GB and a 8GB. I start with 1GB and it's near the edge with 600 pics and 10 video. The 8GB is about 5500 pics, can't wait to try it out. Just a side note that I realised how fast TW changes every week. When I live in a high tech society like Taiwan, I enjoy the convenience; but until I am on holiday, I see how fast this world is changing.

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