6 September 2008

Finally! I got my visa and passport with ticket in hand. We are going home today!!! Although I am really out of energy. I finished work early, delivered all the mooncakes. Actually, I havn't pack properly yet, and 3 hours to go to airport. Whatever, I run down to hairdresser and get last minute dye before catch flight. 2 hours relax and wait for DC get ready, A thounder and lighterling, what's that? A heavy rain comes down. Even worst, ex-president Chen Chua-Bien is in our corner break down the traffic in this district. What a day! Mark & Joan take us to airport with kids. Daniel keeps sayig he want to go with us, and then he falls asleep in my arms. (Friday, 8PM, we take off from KHH to HKG)
Hey, we are in AMS for breakfast! Time for ommelet. Stan, there is a computer for you and DC says the chip is still in good condition. There are gold on the street. Oh, another thing to say is that cold weather. Can't believe it. We leave KHH with 30 degrees, even with rain. We walk out of Schipol in 15 degrees with breeze. I have to buy a sweater in hurry, or I can't walk around. I don't see the different between summer and winter, all in sweater and coat. Well, it's different in cold and freezen though, as I feel.
We arrive DUB at night, nearly 32 hours ago we step out of KHH house, we finally make it home-DUB. (Uncle) Noel stands outside and picks us up to Ian's place, very sweet of Noel. 7pm is heavy traffic coz everybody is on their way home. Again, it's cold, but we are warm coz we are back with family. Gene is with Ian already.

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