23 August 2008

Chris & Mia take Joshua back to KHH for celebrating Dad's Nth birthday. 4 generations in a house, very cozy and sweet. You can see my Dad laughing. Yes, he's more than smiling, LAUGH, really! Don't mention he got the heavy one on his laps. Duncan sticks on Dad coz he knows who's in charge. Also, while adults were talking, Duncan would step in and give some opinions (still baby talk, gonna guess what he said most of time). Joshua was very interesting on Duncan and tried to copy his movement.
Daniel grow up since he attend kindergarden for 3 weeks now. He learn how to finish meal on his own and on time. He starts to learn how to dress up. He can memorize his classmates, 29 of them. Sometimes, I wonder, how does the teacher survive with 30 kids for over 7 hours?
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