22 July 2008

Wow, it's been a long long long time to update this blog. Well, a month, a lot of things happened and finished or completed in part II. Our life style changed too. Our view of adult world has changed too.
I start to work since May. It's been 3 months and a week so far. So many things changed in this company. It took me 2 months to fit in this job and figured out how it run business. Organized a shareholder meeting and took down GM are pieces of cake. But how to keep 20 families' life and find a way out for this baby company are a long shot. During meeting, I see the most ugly part of human being and even Frank in shameless can't compare to them. During these 2 months, I see how ppl will do to keep their job, in good way and bad way. Sometimes, I wonder, will I be one of them? Or I am already in? Somehow, I want to be back to be myself, the simple one; but can't do. After EHL, I always said that I don't want to be in catering. Again, I am in. So, never says never! First lesson.
I learn a lot in EHL, but it didn't include how to take over a company, with ppl and money involved. This is the first time, and I hope it will be the last time. It's so painful and I feel sad to those employees on the other plant. I feel sorry that I can't help them. Leave them on that plant, it's just matter of time, they will be lay off and none of them will get the giant portion of pension we give today. Well, perhaps, I think too much (better be); or the life sucks. Lesson two!
Since I start to work, 7AM-7PM, and DC works at home. DC and I chat less and I spent more time to report my update and briefing to others. Sometimes, I want to share what I think, I want to call DC, but, thinking of his work, I put down the phone. I wonder, from time to time, will we stop talking one day? What if it's for real? These days, DC is working on code. Althought I sit next to him, but feel he's so far away or zoom out and I can't take him back. Talking about weekend, I am on duty, stand by by the phone. Sometimes, I just feel like to sleep whole day long. (Catering has no day off, especially with man power shortage)
Grandpa has made us worry these 2 days, but he's back to normal now. Grandma moves back today. Full house again. Even my Aunt companies Grandma here, she's like Jannies in Sapranos, live story. We celebrated Daniel's 4th birthday and we are the only one who bought him present., of course, we prepared a little one for Duncan. They are getting bigger everyday. Duncan is on potty-training and he's doing well. My parents are looking forward to stay in Chris and Mia and Joshua's new home soon. Mark just sold 70K chicken and I think Joan has new case to work on, find her working after kids are asleep.
That's our update so far. I have assistant now, I'll train her for a month. And then, I am coming back!!! Just let you know, DC and I have been out of practise for long time, so take it easy! Ian, you gonna do what you said, keep your word, I have highly expectation on you!

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