28 July 2008

It's been 20 hours I have been on stand by. This category three typhoon - Fung-Wong is thundering into the east coast of TW with damaging winds, flooding rains, mudslides; and it is nearly half way thru now. We are lucky! Since the govonor announced the alarm, we had been able to contact most of our clients and managed damage control - nearly zero . Although some of us lost one night sleep, or over-work for few hours; but we did it!
Remember I said that I don't like to be in F&B, look at where I am now... Never says never! In FO, House use is easy and not a hard work. But in F&B, OMG, stand by whole night really maks me tired. But the team work, it makes me feel great. In this typhoon, we didn't lost any panny, but earn more respect from clients. We got win-win situation.

Typhoon Fung Wong heads to Taiwan, as south China reels under heat wave by Tomasz Schafernaker
Fung Wong, which means Phoenix in Chinese, is the eighth tropical storm of the season, and could potentially become the second typhoon to hit Taiwan in two weeks. Little over a week ago typhoon Kalmaegi hit the island, causing extensive flooding and landslides. Across the South China Sea on Sunday, an orange warning heat wave signal was issued for many provinces in south China. Nine counties in the region were hit by temperatures exceeding 38C (100F), with a record 37.7C being recorded in the provincial capital of Guangzhou. Under the influence of the approaching typhoon it expected to remain warm and dry across much of southern China."

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