2 June 2008

This conversation really makes us laugh big time!

Daniel: Grandpa, can I have Grandma for 2 days? (Grandma puts Daneil to sleep, since Daneil was born)

Dad: But you have got Grandma for long, it's time to return her (to me).

Daneil: How about this? 3 days? After 3 days, I will return Grandma.

Dad: Promise?

Daneil: I will have Grandma for 3 days and then back to you one day and then I can have Grandma another 5 days.

I am speechless, Daniel is good at bargain. Do not try on him. You will loose anyway.


Margaret said...

Daniel has obviously learned a lot from his Aunt!!!

VL said...

You think so? He was born like that. I can see pretty much of Chen's blood in Daniel. Lin family doesn't really make a good bargan.