7 June 2008

Happy Birthday to Grandpa! Grandma is still in TNN and won't come to KHH. Well, we can't make her go somewhere she doesn't want to, alright then, we have a birthday party here. Grandpa is happy, although it's about his bed time. Mom makes knucle stew and long-life noodle for dinner. This birthday cake is as dessert. Well, I have to work today and new GM doesn't leave until 4PM. I just make it home about time.
Dad is a vet since he was 20. 40 yrs, until now, he gets dog bites. Well, it's a huge dog - Tibetan Mastiff. Poor Dad, he is so careful all those years. We are concerning about his health condition. Dr. doesn't give him Rabies or Tetanus shot coz of his allergy. However, we'll keep an eye on him. Oh, dear dear dear dear...
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