18 March 2008

Yes, we are back to KHH and back on track then. Dad's sister brings Grandparents back from cousin's house. We are gone for 3 days and they went to cousin's house for 3 days too. At least, it's a break for all of us. Grandma is happy to be out of KHH, she feels safer to stay in temple. Last week, there are few tiny earthquakes around Tong-Shan where we expect a major hit soon. Grandma doesn't agree with us that this house can stand still, even same size of 921. However, we need to call up a family meeting soon.
We have an apointment with Dr. Chen this afternoon and she ruled out another few possibilities via blood test. Now, she is going to base on facts and working on follow-up. It's going to be a long battle. Meanwhile, we gonna keep up with DC, put him on some Isometric exercise. Well, he is doing it with battery, so far, so good. Dr. Chen says it should be less than 30 minutes a day. My family will keep an eye on him then.
Good to hear the news from IE. We have video on news on Dublin parade, only for 3 minutes, but we can see it very sunny. After a whole rainning week, it's about time to give some sunshine. Good to know we both enjoy St-Patrick's day! I wonder if they still dye the river in green for St-Patrick's day in Boston?
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