21 March 2008

It's pre-election day, the worst day out for shopping. DC needs a syrup for his cold, meanwhile, it's good for him to be away from computer sometimes. It's been one and half years to catch cold. We'll try to do better than that, may God be with us.
Tomorrow, it's a big day to TW. over 17 million ppl will vote and the the winner will present us, over 23 millions of Taiwaner. After Blue-Green competition, I hope someone still remember that we are on the same boat. We try to make MIT well known, also we try to make MIT better quality. The basic way to do it, is speak out loud: "I am Taiwaner" and I am proud of to be one of Taiwaner. At least after 10PM tonight, TW will be back to normal and no more noise. The last 2 months was very busy and ppl getting emotional. It's time to get back to normal! The election is going to drive us crazy. Days and nights, TV channels are full of ads, especially today, I don't see any other commercial ads and the news, OMG, only TW political news, what happens today outsdie of TW? They only show Tibet, how about other countries? Those political campaigning wagons and bikes are everywhere, from 10AM to 10PM. On the computer, some friends have put on MSN nickname to support their candidate. My mail inbox has been filled up with junk political e-mails. BBS and chat rooms are full of gossip. My mom might be worry too much but she has her point. We are not allow to wear blue or green or red these days. Well, we did wear green on St-Patrick's day though. The worst is someone told me that, even the convenience store cashier will gesticulate and see your respond. Mobile phone has quite some amount of SMS from candidates and their teams. My personal worst experience is to meet those party team members in garbage collect point. We are glad to see it all over in 24 hours.
Of course, I'll be there to exercise my right. So far, only missed one presidential vote (EHL doesn't take any absent excuse). But, I don't like to see the shopping mall become a place as pic I. We are here coz we need red meat for Carnitine, a good meal to kill our cold. TGI Friday is always the best selection. Plus it's a difficult time at the moment, we don't want to sit next to someone who talk loud to seek their supporter. We can't eat much at the moment, coz of cold, it kills our appetite a bit. But how can you say no to that juicy burger with double cheese and crispy bacons? We order Swiss cheese, but it comes with two Mozzarella sticks. Who's complaining?
At the moment, we are still looking for Carnitine. We are trying every pharmacy nearby. Otherwise, gonna order thru internet. Meanwhile, I am working on the menu, take Carnitine from food. That means, more work on menu and need to change frequently or DC will be on hunger strikec.
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