16 March 2008

Mom has completed her mission in TPE, Joshua is 1-month old now and new parents are back in track. We need Mom back to KHH urgently, but before that, we take Mom out for a nice trip. She hasn't tried Afternoon Tea time yet, we take her to Breeze Plaza. She loves those tiny cakes. DC's favourite one is on the right, fresh made and so tasty.
Mom went to LuKang (a small town in Central Taiwan, West seashore) twice, with Dad, with Mark & Joan. They were all in rush. Today, we spend time here. Although it's a small town, but they do have good accomodation here. Quite impressed, we see many George & Mary here. I believe they are here for work. LuKang is a tourist town, but there is a manufactory area on the side. I suggest to take bike, but DC & Mom won't. However, we come to this hotel and it's the few high building in town. The view is brilliant. We can see the whole town, but our window is facing the other side. Ian, have fun, the second pic is for you. Enjoy!
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