15 March 2008

It's been a long time we haven't met up, we come to try this new place out. Stir fired seafood restaurant is really good place for us, cheap, good quality food and close at 3AM. We start at 8PM, ppl start to arrive. Haven't see Jerome for a while, lucky to have him in town for weekend. Daniel and Eva show up pretty early too. After midnight, it's time to celebrate Daniel's Nth birthday!!! Happy Birthday to Daniel! The only wish we'd like to make is: Wish Daniel keep up as a health boy. It's not easy to maintain friendship so long and we have done it. We are together when we need each other. It's taugh time for Alvin for the moment. It's his father's 1st anniversary. We are here with Alvin and sings sadness away. It's been a long time to hear Alex singing. He's so good! 5 yrs ago, all of us were in Fresh's 3rd floor, drinking! Alex had few drink and he started to sing the songs from 1970-2003. Few poppular songs per year and he sang more than 3 hours. The songs we known in childhood, the songs we sang in college, the songs we known as folk, soft opera and even Chinese opera. Alex is fab and we love him so much. His brother is back from honeymood and Alex finally can get some rest, at least one day off. I believe those boys are going to sleep away their day off. Believe me, I have seen them sleep more than 24 hours. Alex has promised me that he'll have a concert this year, so we can party together. Can't wait!
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Anonymous said...

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Steve Ballmer said...

That food looks really good!

VL said...

Tks, the shot is the first round, we end up with another 3 runs coz ppl kept coming in different time.