4 February 2008

Remember this? When Daniel was little, we played this game too. We get more douvets and blankets ready for cold nights. Kids catch the chance to play with us. It's the first time A-an in photo. She is shy. She only have a jacket and a pair of jeans for winter, the rest are summer clothes. No problem, we have many warm clothes here. TW is cold for her. We try to explain to her that it'll get colder this week, but I think, just let her feel it then. Can't do more talking or explaining.
All the douvets, blankets, bed sheets are washed and sun dried. House is spotless now. Time to prepare food. 2 more days to prepare! We are going to have a big party!
DC talked to kids in early morning and he's so happy! Reina likes math and she's good at it. She gets bored when teacher is teaching the math which she knew already. DC adviced her to finish her homework while she gets bored, so she can have more time at home to play whatever she wants to do. I don't know what's Brady's hair colour now, but I hope it's not green. DC talked to him about games which I am not good at. Ha, Ireland 16:11 Italy!
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