5 February 2008

Everybody is preparing for Chinese New Year. Before the New Year Eve, we go for supermarket before the crowd. Kids are excited to see how supermarket stuff their goods. Boys don't blink at all. I laugh so loud and they don't even turn their head. Wow.
While we are queuing up for Mr. Donuts, Dad calls and we get visitors - 3rd uncle (from my Dad's side) with his family. We don't get along, so I haven't seen the family for a long time. Finaly, I can see the whole family at once. This famly is strange, they change their name so often, I lost track. The only one I can remember is the youngest girl. She was born when 3rd aunt-in-law fell from motorbike. Therefore, my Mom took her in for 6 months. After that, I saw her again on cousin's house warming party, for an hour. Today, we can have some conversations. She is in university and the rest two are working with their parents, as insurance agent. I hope they can be honest and professional at work. The whole family are virgan, I wonder if Dad knows how to make them eat something else. Grandma is very happy, becasue she can see her 3rd son twice in 2 months which is a new record. She hasn't see those grandchildren for a long time too. She used to baby sitting them when they were young. Things change, time flies. Grandpa is happy to receive red enverlope.
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