7 December 2007

Now, we are on the way back to DUB. But, TPE first, for Amanda's birthday party! We take high speed train, it's like TGV, 300 km/hr. When we leave ZaoYing, it's warm with sunshine, 27 degrees. But 1.5 hrs later, when we arrive TPE, it's couldy and windy. It's about 16 degrees and funny to see ppl with heavy coat on. Believe it or not, KHH has big tempture different, 15-27 degrees, and ppl can't get used to it, big time! On the news, there was 2 deaths due to this tempture different... May their souls rest in peace.
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eddie said...

is that thai stick in dc hand

VL said...

See you at weekend, Eddie! Put your kettle on.

eddie said...

no problem my friends looking forward to seen you all safe journey agus ceide mile failte