10 December 2007

It's been a long day, flying over 13 hours, can't sleep at all. It takes us a while to find the way to hotel, shuttle + taxi. We should get the taxi straight, we couldn't think after this long flight, our bad. However, the hotel won't take early check-in. Now, I can understand why those long flight guests were so cranky. At least, NH does C/I at 2PM, FP is 3PM. We are laughing at the details on TA website, walking distanct to AMS downtown from this NH. It takes us 30 minutes walk to ferry station and then another 20 minutes to Omelette place. CX provided the worse dinner ever, beef stew, we didn't like it. The breakfast is better, but we are dispointed at CX cuisine this time. The flight ticket price keeps going up, but the service and cuisine are going down; CX has failed us on this aspect. I believe that CX has rearranged the seat, getting smaller!!!
However, we have a proper lunch in Omelette place and it keeps us going for a while. As soon as we C/I, we crash in bed. We'll surfer jetlag for a while. I hope I can cut it down to 2 days, just as I wish. We do sleep thru, skip the dinner, can't leave bed! So tired!

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