11 December 2007

Isn't it a beautiful season? It takes time for me to get used to the short sunshine (8:30AM sunrise and 4:30PM sunset). We have cold dry wind, get warm in sunshine. We have a big breakfast, it keeps us stay late. Maybe coz of body's still in jetlag, maybe coz of meat, we don't feel hungry, even at 6PM.
Yes, we go to "Het Melkmeisje" again. It's so difficult to make up our mind and then, yumy yumy, it's so delicious!!! Hey, that's the good thing to be back to Europe for - food!!! Somehow, I think I should start to "wash" the food before eatting. We rarely use salt at home, TPE food is salty, but not like in Europe. My goodness, it's been a while for me to take salty food...
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