20 December 2007

I know I know I know, it's scary to see this, but it's on Duncan's right finger. Yes, it's his second stitch this year. The first one was from his operation. Oh, my heart is borken. I only leave for a week now. Good thing is Doc removed the stitch and he said it's clear now. Poor Duncan baby, at least, he didn't feel hurt today.
Daniel get new toy - handmade bear. He promised the lady who made this bear that he would take extra good care of this bear. So, the safe place is inside his jacket. So funny, he even put it in now still. He went to market every morning like this. While I called home today, Daniel said he would fly a big airplane to pick up DC and I back to KHH. Even Grandpa noticed that we are not at home. Since we left, Grandpa has asked for us 3 times. Sweet!

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