20 December 2007

Hooray, we put up the X'mas tree and find out the decoration. It's half way done, but girls are tired, another school day and they will be ready for X'mas party! Actually, Hannah and I have a long talk about school and little bit of this and that. This tree takes a lot of work, at least, this family works hard to put it all together. That's X'mas spirit! It's like Chinese New Year. We gonna do a major grocery shopping and ha, big time for alcohol shopping. This time, we should do some control, unlike last year, we planned for one week supply and it turn out "out of alcohol" in 3 days. It's one time only alcohol party, we have to make a big plan for this.
These days, the weather has been getting better. We have sunny day today. The sun raises around 8:30AM and sunset around 4:30PM. It's hard to TW ppl to understand the feeling to go to work at dark and off work at dark again. It's pretty depressed and freezen cold. (I shouldn't really say that, coz it would get worse after. I DO NOT plan for a white X'mas! Not when I am in seafront.)
Girls have one more school day and then get ready for X'mas. So many ppl are coming over for X'mas. Cousin Olive will be in town tomorrow, really look forward to meet her. Marie is so happy to see her, DC said Olive hasn't been home for a long time. One thing for sure, I gonna need Da & Marie to help me on family tree, I got back to 1911 and still working on it. Somehow, I think TW has an excellent system on this kind of stuff. Oh, we were talking about iPhone, it's not in TW market yet. Why? I don't know, but I heard it was about iPhone is 2G and TW system is almost upgraded to 3G. CHT said they will bring out new iPhone in 2008. I hope it better be 3G. Or DC will have HTC touch then.
5 more nights! X'mas is coming!

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