6 November 2007

Oh, long time no see, my favourite Chocolate Orange. Last time I tried Chocolate Orange was from DC in DUB. He was near Lausanne and got me that special Chocolate Orange, also he could see it himself how popular that chocolate shop is. This orange is a bit sugar sweet, but still, it brings back a lot of sweet memory.
Wei is here in TPE, therefore, EHL alumni night in Zega Zaga. In this photo, I am the only one who is married and still aim to go back to work in hotel. I get many questions but with one purpose: Why do you want to go back to work in hotel? I ask myself too. It's low salary, high work performance, less annual leave and nearly 24-hour on call. But, I love the challenge, time pressure and negociate with clients. I like to know the little different between different companies and find out the food chain. Although I never been to those fields, but thru this job, I know more and I can talk to my clients or even been their channel. I know few salesmen can be in this stage, and it makes us feel good. Thru this job, I have more friends in hotel or outside of hotel. Thru this job, I grow up with it and I know I can handle it well. Or even better now, coz I am in the high tech field for 4 years now. I have DC to back me up as digital dictionary.
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