3 November 2007

It takes us a while to go home, Chris has a lot to say in Breeze Plaza. Well, only can say it's many good news. And good luck to him!
Kids just come back from Dream Mall. Daniel has been waiting to have this birthday cake for whole afternoon & evening. Here we go, brithday boy & girl - Duncan and I. We are happy to post and take pic and DC is having trouble to cut cake into few slices. Ha, tough! My family is not cake eater, so difficult to sell. Today, Duncan is officially one year old! He's good for 1-yr-old. He has 4 tooth and another 4 on the way. (Don't let him play with your hands without attention) Duncan can walk 12-steps in one go now. He is sharp to catch or to copy. He can see the tiny differece, will be the pain in the ass for equal food amount to compare to Daniel. This little guy doesn't think he is little or too young for solid food. He demands to have the same food as Daniel. Plus, he is a fighter, should see him to fight for the toy. Chris & Mark are lucky, I am not that strong to fight for toy or for food.
Happy Birthday to me and to Duncan!
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