15 May 2011

The rain doesn't stop and we do need it so much; otherwise, we will have water shortage. The rice paddy can't start coz of water limit. 2nd uncle is taking his time off, there is not enough water and he needs to take a rest after 2nd surgery. I just wonder how long he would go on like this. Last time, after the surgery, Doc told him to take a rest for a year and turn out he did the gardening in cousin's house and back on scooter (in a week). He works most of his life on rice paddy, wonder how long the Doc can keep him away.
Back to the point, Today, is the day Síne's cookie arrived. Those cookies are prepared for "Collection of saliva" which is hold on baby' s 4th month. I should prepare 12 cookies but they are big enough, so I just order 10. I won't follow the tradition, so just few friends for dinner and give their best wishes to 99.

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