6 May 2011

It's been 3 months to go to Paggy, I need a hair cut badly and also I need Paggy to confirm my hair problem - I am loosing hair... Paggy says it's normal to new mommy after birth around 3~4 months. Well, my hair amount is more than triple to standard, so now, it's alright to Paggy. Actually she admits it's better for her to cut my hair like this. Be honest, I was a bit worry. Meanwhile, Paggy couldn't resist to give Síne a trim. We can't wait to see how to do Síne's hair.
When we are at home, we see Síne everyday, we feel her weight all the time. But look at this mirror, she is so tiny on me. Where is my Síne? How come she is so little on my legs? Look, she looks so cute.... my cutie sweetie pie...

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