30 April 2011

Síne is 4 months old and we should shop some rice powder to let her try. We get company - Auntie Sandy who is 3 months pregnant and we show her how to trace some goodies with her "mommy-to-be logbook". At least, she is in better shape and enjoys her food more now. I get a small jar of apple mash and 2 boxes of rice/fruit powder. The powder will be mixed with breast milk, so let's wait and see then.
The new mommy bag is perfect, lighter and taking less space - easy for me to move around in MRT. See the reason why I am loosing weight? Thanks to Alex, allows me to take the photo from the back. Alex is sweet to take us to Costco and gives us a lift home which is a long drive. The Pamper is going to increase the price, I gonna get some more and a car is necessary needed. If the diaper price is going up continuing, perhaps I should train Síne earlier. When we arrive sweet home, just relax on the couch and I am feeding Síne; 5.7 degrees earthquake in YiLang and I do think of taking Síne to outdoor. Well, it isn't too bad, but it's our first time to feel it so strong one since we move in. Let's see what's next then. There was a guy on the news who claim there will be a 14 degrees on 11th May. Really look forward to see how he explain it on the next day.

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