30 March 2011

Síne is going to be 3 month old. This is her first cut by herself. It happens so fast, I turn around, there is a small cut on her face. It's her finger nail. These days ,she keeps pumping her face or tries to scratch and then this happens. OMG, I really want to cut her fingernails so short, but I am afraid to hurt her. She is old enough to get ride of groves.
Be honest, whenever I take Síne out, many ppl tell me that she looks like 4~6 months old. Her neck is strong enough to hold her head, she prefects to be upright. Of course, our hands will be behind her head still. It's kind of privilege for a mom taking her little girl out and all moms can't stop looking at her little girl. When we are on MRT or in the park, ppl stop and look at her, even try to play with her, get her eyes contact. I don't want her to be pretty, be smart, be rich; I only pray for her healthy and sociable.

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