7 March 2011

Síne is 2 months old now. On the bath tub photo, we can see the different. She really grows bigger. We are still learning to be good parent, fit our schedule together and figure out her cry. DC keeps saying I would understand her cry, it's been 2 months, I still have no idea. She drinks 9~13 times a day and still makes such big deal before she poo. These days, she is more talkative, DC enjoys their talk time and Síne can talk for 10 mins. Chris and Mia visit us during the weekend; Mom is so happy with granddaughters. Next week, we'll be 3 of us at home. My mom is going to baby sitting Joshua and Nio-Nio and back to KHH for couple days. Wow, 3 of us alone, mmm, I don't know if we can cope but we gonna try.

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