22 March 2011

My mom has came to TPE to help us out since last October. Well, she was baby sitting for Chris & Mia until 99 was born. Later on, she was kind of in between. Thank you so much, my dear Mom. After 99 was born, there are so many things I need to learn. I was so panic when 99 cried at night; my Mom took over and calm us down. When I was in hospital, DC was busy at work, my Mom took care of three of us. Not only the house work, but also the cooking and make sure we are on the right track. She did so much for us. After 99 was born, my mom take extra care on me and make sure I recover well. That's love from mommy. Even I said to her that I am fine, she still thinks I miss something else.
Anyway, I grab the chance before she goes back to KHH, asks mom's primary school classmates - Auntie Oh (on the left) and Auntie Tseng (in the middle) for an afternoon tea time. They are friends over 50 yrs, since they were kids. They are not only friends, also neighbours, also school mates from primary school to college. That's so little I can do for my mom, before she goes back to my Dad. Of course all grandaunt love 99 so much, she gets more red envelopes. Let's see if we can arrange the meet up again in couple months again, so grandma and grandaunt can feed 99 with some gourmet.
Auntie Tseng moved in and stayed with us when I was 1-yr-old, so 99 reminds her a lot of old days which I never heard of until now. Wow, there are so many things I haven't heard of...
Today is one year anniversary, we move into Danshui. Last year, we moved in and we were two people. This year, we are three in this flat, more noise and more fun. There are so many good memories in this year.

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Margaret said...

What a band of very proud ladies!!!