1 February 2011

Here we go, the major things we come down early is to catch the deadline for 99's registration and to meet Great grandpa. We need to register 99 and then take her into national insurance. I read about the supplement for register a new born baby, but I don't know it's so efficient. I couldn't go out yet, so Joan helps me out. Every new born baby registers in KHH will receive this file holder with 6K cash in red envelope, zoo tickets, stickers, baby stuff and a guidebook for KHH citizen. The details, I need to read it first.
Grandpa loves baby and he really likes to meet his great granddaughter, especially near the New Year. Grandpa is nearly 90 yrs old and he is more awake these days. He can recognize us and greeting us when we walk into his room. That's really good. We are so touch to see Grandpa holding 99 in his arms. How many kids can be hold their Great grandpa? God bless.

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