6 February 2011

99 is 30 days old and she gets visitors. My friends from primary school and college comes to say hello and brings her gift. Chu is still trying to have a baby, so we let her try to hold 99 and makes her terrified, she has to sit down and hold 99 in her arms. Hsiao has 2 beautiful girls and time flies, they are teenagers now. It seem like yesterday when I visited her when her 1st daughter was born. Every baby is like an angle, especially when she is asleep. OMG, 99 can sleep around 3~4 hours now. After putting her down, cut off pumping and internet time, the rest is my sleeping hour which is not really enough too. That's why I cut down my internet time. My panda eyes are getting bigger... but at least, 99 is getting better and hopefully I can sleep thru the night soon.

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