4 January 2011

We are back to the Wendel's German Bistro for my last meat feast before 99 is born. This time, we get a house platter with cold & hot meat. Wow, amazing. When we arrive, there is a private party taken half restaurant, a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, so lovely. I wonder where we will do ours. But, I am thinking to do 99's first month birthday party here, but I wonder it make sense to the others. hahah, as long as my glass is filled up, I don't think that'll be problem to me then... Although we order the platter for 4 and we are 6 adult with 2 kids, we still can't finish the platter. DC has enough ingredients to do goulash soup then. But tomorrow morning we'll be ready to check-in hospital then. 99 is coming in less than 50 hours. We are getting excited. Everything is pack and just wait for hospital call then.

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