24 January 2011

My diet is on 3rd week and my weight doesn't come down as fast as on the first week... orz... I need to work it out somehow. I do put on girdle day by day and my mom and Dave really help me out big time. Compare to my weight before 99 came along, I still have 5 kg on me; but I'd like to go for loosing 15 kg plan. They said it works on the first 3-month, so I still have 2.5 months to go. Add oil! Add oil! Add oil!
99 is more up to 3-hour and heading to 4-hour sleep day by day. I won't adjust her sleeping plan yet, but wake up at night is kind of annoying, especially put her back to her crib is really pain in the ass when she doesn't want to go back. Let's hope she will co-operate with us and do us a favourite to cry less then. Fingers cross.

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