20 January 2011

It's time to go home. Well, I realize that I haven't step out my room for days. Never take the photo in the entrance, there is reception area and 24-hour secured door. The new couple can choose to keep their baby with them in room or in nursery room. There are 11 rooms in nursery center and 3 nurses in one shift. Be honest, 99 has their attention all the time and we really appreciate their professional attitude. Look at them, they are so good to 99 and they really know how to handle her. Sometimes, I have no idea why 99 cries so loud and so badly, the nurse would just comes in and take over the situation. Wow, they are so good, make me more relief and less panic. Even now, we are going home, they give us the number to call for help and they will do call visit to check on us. Somehow, we feel like to stay a bit longer; but we know, it's time to go home and face it. We are going home!

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