17 January 2011

Finally Dad makes the trip to visit us, he picks up the coldest day to come and he doesn't bring his new jacket (orz...). We are so worry about him might catching cold on the way or while he stays in TPE. Well, we have heater in the house, he should be alright then. Dad is very happy to meet 99 and she even gives him many smiles while she is asleep. Another proud gaga.
Many thanks to Ting to visit and nice present to 99. FRA is warmer than TPE, how can we image that? It's 10 degrees and 80% humidity. FRA is 15 degrees and it is warmer than TPE. Well, let's see if we can meet up for a drink during Christmas trip back home. Fingers cross!
Many thanks to Cynthia too. We know how busy she is and she still makes it here. It's a nice afternoon chat, we just need a bottle of white and tapas then... orz... I need to wait for another month to do it and need to pump out more milk before that happens.

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Yin Ting said...

Hopefully we can meet up soon =) Miss you all!!!