27 December 2010

Wow, the first thing in the morning, I get Jennifer's engagement cakes with cookies. Well, I feel sorry to miss her wedding reception on 17th Dec, but I didn't think it'll be good idea to hang out so long with my big bump, plus it's a long way back to Danshui at night. I heard the wedding went well and she was so pretty, saw her photo on facebook. OK, next thing will be baby then. Ha, can't wait to find more baby coming. After 99's arrival, Eva (Daniel's wife) will be next and then Amanda's sis and then Wendy.... girl,girl, boy.... But only 99 will be small tiger, the others are rabbits.
It's a sunny day and we head to Chris to get mom's stuff. It was too late on Christmas eve, so we didn't come back here to pick up mom's stuff. There is a famous dumpling shop in the corner, only word-in-mouth. The shop has no name, but well known in the neighbourhood. I love it, it's perfect snack in the afternoon, especially when we need to carry heavy stuff back to Danshui. From Christmas eve, my mom is officially staying with us until Chinese New Year. We are going to need her help so much. I am happy coz I don't need to step in kitchen and I'll enjoy mom's homemade cooking so much... I can image DC need new pair paints soon.

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