6 December 2010

What are we up to these days? See, we are working on 99's laundry. This laundry is the first time and three more times to go. Many thanks to friends' and families' support and donation. We have re-settled 99's closet and crib. After nagging few times, Dave finally works on 99's stroller. It really takes us a while to work on it. Finally, we get it. Now, looks like everything is ready for 99's arrival. My mom will be back and forward to Chris and our place. I might start my stay-in around next few weeks. Oh, I can't image how's the life to stay in for whole month...
These days, I am like the hippo (recording to Dave), but can't sleep through the night. Wake up every 2.5 hours and it's getting worse. My ankles and hands will be swelling from time to time, even the swelling feeling wakes me up sometimes. Dave is getting better, sometimes, he notices I am off bed for a while and he'll check on me. I am on 34 weeks now, 99's bigger than standard, who knows when she will come. But, one thing I can be sure, my mom feed us well and right on time. I am going back to clinic in 2 weeks, I am afraid Dr. Wu will have issue with my "fast" climbing weight. Perhaps Dr. Wu will notice Dave's bump too, his is like 5-month and mine is on 8-month.

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