8 December 2010

Mia brings Mom over for the afternoon, also brings many things over for 99. The 4th laundry is from Mia, more heavy clothes for 99. Alright, when I try to make the photo on other stuff, even I try to hold back, you still can see my bump in the photo. So you can image I can't see my toes when I stand up. So far, 99 has more than 40 pieces of clothes and 10 pants and others (socks, gloves and towels). Many thanks to friends and families. Thank you for pass stuff over.
The weather bureau announced the strong cold front and kept reminding us keeping warm for these 2 days. But, this morning I wake up in the warm sunshine, the breeze is cold, but window is closed, so it's ok. Dave is kind of freak out to close the windows, I just want to have wind go thru the apartment. I am more like my mom, keep windows open and let the air go thru. Well, it was 9.5 degrees in Danshui at 4AM, but after the sunshine comes out, no feeling about the cold. That's why my Mom and Mia come over with kids. Tomorrow will be one more day, we'll see how cold it will be then.


Margaret said...

Wow - 99s wardrobe is almnost as big as mine!!!

VL said...

Mags, that's my mom's wardrobe lah. It's getting cold in TPE, that's for my mom or I can use it too... when I am in hospital.