11 December 2010

It's DC's first time to attend Mom-to-be class with me and I think it'll be the last time too. This class is hold by a formula milk company, but the topic is interested - how to take care your new baby. Dr. Huang is from the same hospital and we agree with his point of view. Let's see if we can book him as 99's doctor.
DC is happy to see a Dr. pushing on baby seat, he feels more support after this class. And then the vaccine selection, the way to take care baby (not over protective or over reactive).... The only thing I am sure is we are ready for 99's arrival. Dr. Huang has the shopping list and we checked on every item.
Normally, we have tea time in the class, but this time, they don't provide any, not even the drink. Tough! But, it's DC's first time and the last time, well, too bad.

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